And what you can do to improve your marketing strategy for more dynamic engagement results

It’s officially 2023, and as a business leader or marketer, you’re likely revisiting your metrics to outline potential improvements in your marketing strategy. One of the most significant considerations that should be on your radar is diversity. Today’s companies are realizing that their ability to attract and engage their core audiences will be the key to generating more leads and growing the bottom line.

So, how can you be sure your marketing plans for 2023 are positioned to communicate effectively with those more diverse groups? It starts with enhanced and strategic marketing planning around these pillar elements. And ONE MEDIA MARKETING has just the roadmap you need.

Creating an Effective Marketing Plan

Every great idea needs a roadmap to bring it to life. Creating an effective marketing strategy means taking your brilliant ideas and translating them into actionable steps. No matter what your industry or core business offering is, your brand should be backed by a plan that’s just as dynamic as you are. An excellent marketing strategy is one that will help you assess what’s worked before, guide your brand to what it needs to be now, and position your company so it can be agile enough to sustain and grow into the future. The future of customer engagement depends on your ability to be diverse enough to reach those customers.

These are some of the factors and steps of any great marketing plan:

  • Brand & Marketing Audits
  • Brand & Business Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Target Audience Research & Data
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Campaign Development
  • Establishment & Review of Analytics
  • Establishing Goals & Key Objectives
  • Tactical Planning
  • Marketing Playbooks

Branding Essentials for 2023

A lot has changed for everyone in recent years, especially businesses. How you attract, engage, and retain new customers looks different today than it did two, five, and ten years ago. A lot has changed for your target audience, too. So, the rules of engagement for them are shifting just as much as they are for you. It’s imperative that you evaluate your brand with a brand audit to gauge the authenticity of its reputation, the value of its position, and overall brand awareness. Many experts are calling 2023 the “year of accountability.” This means that if you don’t have proper brand alignment now, you’ll likely be missing opportunities.

Brand alignment doesn’t have to be a mystery, although it can be hard to quantify how people feel about your brand’s messaging. And when you’re building a marketing strategy that reaches a more diverse audience, you’ll need to know how effective your image, presence, and messaging are. From there, you can make adjustments to ensure every aspect of your brand, right down to the font and graphics, is authentic to your company mission and vision.

After years of terrible ads and brand messages flooding the consumer’s spaces with “greenwashed” content, know that your target audience spots insincerity with pinpoint precision. Today’s customers and stakeholders will both demand authenticity and accountability. It won’t be good enough to convey that your company embraces eco-friendly solutions or inclusive company cultures. Your brand will need to be true to your initiatives. Make sure you carefully consider your brand’s position, as it serves as the foundation for any great marketing plan. Any inconsistencies will be more obvious than ever to your customers, so authenticity and alignment are key.

More Diverse Content Marketing

Another way to ensure you’re reaching more diverse audiences is with your content. Creating memorable engagements and experiences, amplifying your brand, and building authentic connections with your audience all starts with resonating messages. Content marketing is going to take center stage in 2023; only now, it needs to be smarter, more precise, and more intentional. Fluff content, whether it’s on your website or part of your social media strategy, will be glossed over fast. Instead, to inspire action from your prospects, you’ll need eye-catching, problem-solving, and emotionally responsive messaging.

Now’s the time to review and get help with the following:

  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Key Messaging Development
  • Blog & Content Creation Strategies
  • SEO & Targeting

Cultural Marketing Matters

When you get the key elements of a strong marketing strategy right, you’ll start to see improvements in your company’s culture. Creating a conducive culture for both your internal teams and your customers is paramount to your success in 2023. From here, you’ll want to consider creative, cultural marketing strategies to support and promote those ideal engagements. Step outside the traditional methods and start adopting initiatives that resonate across niches, cultures, and norms. Marketing campaigns will still need to be relevant and authentic to these broader, more diverse audience groups.

Here are some examples of cultural marketing mistakes to avoid:

  • Running ads featuring diverse talent, but your creative teams don’t actually have diverse members.
  • Promoting “community support” that only shows up on “diverse” holidays.
  • Claiming to be a diverse organization, but internal guidance about diversity policies doesn’t exist.

Take careful consideration about your company’s position, and only move forward with those efforts you authentically believe, support, and endorse. Communicate those diverse efforts through cultural marketing and build a stronger, more sustainable company culture for your employees and customers alike.

ONE MEDIA MARKETING Solutions for 2023

As you review your marketing strategy and metrics, you may realize quickly that you need a partner who can step in to help. ONE MEDIA MARKETING has decades of experience helping companies like yours navigate the ever-changing marketing landscape. From startups to globally renowned brands, our teams have been developing growth and ROI-driven marketing strategies that work. When it comes to devising methods and roadmaps for reinvigorating brands, creating compelling messaging, and generating leads, ONE MEDIA MARKETING provides the advisory and customized advice you need.

Let the ONE MEDIA MARKETING Team assist you with the following:

  • Assessment & Optimization
  • Brand Audits & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Business Model Development
  • Monetization Concepts
  • Design, Messaging & Engagement Efforts

Connect with the ONE MEDIA MARKETING team today and build out the ultimate marketing strategy your company needs to engage a more diverse audience in 2023.