Experiential Marketing & Social Media Marketing: Why Your Strategy Should Include Both

There’s experiential marketing, and then there’s social media marketing. Does your business tap into the benefits of either? And more importantly, are you leveraging the strategies needed to harness both?

Chances are, you’re an expert in your business. Marketing may not be your forte. However, with the right guidance and a few key insights to consider, you can learn to adapt and develop the best strategies for both social and experiential marketing. It’s how today’s marketers are reaching their target audiences with a more authentic purpose. And it’s working in a big way.

Understanding Social Media Marketing

Wherever your business lives online, you have an opportunity for social marketing. Yes, your social media channels are pillars for these types of engagements with your prospects and potential customers. But any content, including videos, posts, blogs, emails, or articles, can be a social marketing asset. Think beyond Facebook and Twitter and instead focus on the tone, style, and purpose of your content and social media messaging.

Here are just a few arenas in which businesses like yours should be firing on all social media marketing cylinders:

  • Content Strategy: Development, Creation, and Execution
  • Social Media Account Management: From Setup to Optimization
  • Social Monitoring: Active Social Listening and Daily Review
  • Discussion Moderation: Aligning Presence with Brand Image
  • Community Building: Managing a Social Media Community, Not Just Profiles
  • Social Media Advertising: Strategy Development and ROI Management
  • Social Media Analytics: Collecting and Reviewing Metrics for Results
  • Social Engagement: Monitoring Follower and Engagement Growth

The idea is to create a social media strategy that allows for compelling online experiences whereby your audience is entertained, educated, enlightened, or empowered by what your brand conveys. It’s what drives the ongoing relationship-building efforts you have with your digital target audience. And it’s social, so it should always be executed through a lens of conversational relationship-building.

Understanding Experiential Marketing

Another buzzword among the marketing community is experiential marketing. When you implement an experiential marketing strategy, you’re focused on elevating the customer experience through live, real-time, and in-person experiences. Companies like yours can use experiential marketing to provide real-life experiences in a way that elevates awareness, improves brand and product understanding, and boosts sales. This concept taps into methods, messaging, and engagement initiatives that improve how your customer “feels” about your brand and offering. Each unique connection provides you with an opportunity to authentically resonate with your ideal buyer. And it’s a more sophisticated approach to marketing, netting more meaningful connections that improve how your audience perceives your company. Experiential marketing is how you breathe life into your otherwise stagnant or inanimate brand.
Here are some experiential marketing ideas and examples that allow your target customers to not only buy your product or service but to also experience just what their lives would be like with them.

  • Live Events
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Demonstrations
  • Virtual Webinars
  • Product Sampling
  • Brand Activations
  • Pop-Up Shops

If a picture of your product or service is good, real-life action and demonstration videos are even better. And experiential marketing is the strategy you use to liven up every aspect of your company offering and bring your brand image to life in a meaningful way with your target buyers.

Benefits of Experiential Marketing and Social Marketing Together

Your marketing strategy should include both social and experiential marketing. And in a way, both strategies should complement each other in terms of results. While the in-person and experience-based approaches are essential in building a foundational relationship with your target audience, you still need that digital, social marketing component for reaching a broader market with those unique experiences.
Here are other advantages you can expect when you collaboratively combine an experiential and social marketing plan.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Transform your social platforms into positive experience spaces
  • Increase website traffic
  • Improve conversion rates exponentially
  • Cultivate brand loyalty
  • Enjoy better market insights and customer preferences

Experiential marketing allows you to create those in-person experiences, maybe with a captured audience at a trade show or live event. Social media marketing strategies can take those experiential experiences and amplify them via photos, videos, and live streams to literally millions of people. It’s the megaphone with which you can reach a global audience with your intimate, real-life engagements.


As you evaluate your current marketing strategy, consider improving your experiential marketing efforts as well as your social media marketing initiatives in a way that allows you to leverage the benefits of both. And if you need guidance in developing the best campaigns for each, let ONE MEDIA MARKETING be your guide!

The ONE MEDIA MARKETING team specializes in creating and implementing collaborative experiential and social media marketing strategies. We’re black belts in both arenas as early adopters of both methods long before they became buzzwords within the marketing community today. This extensive experience in creating unique and impactful marketing campaigns with both concepts means we’re the best partners for businesses like yours looking to leverage the power of a combined experiential and social strategy.

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