About Us

Launched in 1996, ONE MEDIA MARKETING (OMM) is a strategic marketing and media firm that connects clients’ with prospective customers. We have established an impeccable track record of delivering on-trend yet innovative marketing solutions with flawless execution and results that exceed expectations.

We have developed impactful marketing communications solutions for leading brands, associations, non-profits, television networks and film studios. As a top firm offering digital marketing and custom marketing solutions we have are known for insightful thinking that creates dynamic marketing strategies, messaging, and content that sparks movements, engages the public and drives customer action across social media, digital, live communications, and entertainment landscapes for B2C, B2B, and DTC clients.

At OMM, we are experts in both integrated marketing and strategic marketing. This is why we are equally fluent in balance sheets and pop culture. We speak hip-hop, TikTok, SEO, and GIF. Our hustle-and-flow can build traffic to and from any niche audience or demographic. We help clients connect with relevant audience segments and communities they didn’t even know existed.

Besides being a digital agency that offers social media management services, OMM makes ways and memes algorithms n’ harmonies that realize our strategies as growth opportunities. We are quantum marketers highly respected for our outstanding marketing concepts. We bake marketing communication pies in a macro kitchen, strategically flavored and sliced into tactics designed to satisfy our bottom line and customer appetites.

We are currently seeking clients that need help with marketing strategy, growth, and increased engagement. Aside from offering exceptional digital marketing services, we are a top digital agency with experience across the board with premiere brands. We are passionate about growing brands on a national and international scale. If you own or lead a business and are seeking an ally, resource, and support in growing your business.