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About Us

Launched in 1996, ONE MEDIA MARKETING (OMM) is a strategic marketing and media firm that connects clients’ with prospective customers. We have established an impeccable track record of delivering on-trend yet innovative marketing solutions with flawless execution and results that exceed expectations.

We have developed impactful marketing communications solutions for leading brands, associations, non-profits, television networks and film studios. As a top firm offering digital marketing and custom marketing solutions we are known for insightful thinking that creates dynamic marketing strategies, messaging, and content that sparks movements, engages the public and drives customer action across social media, digital, live communications, and entertainment landscapes for B2C, B2B, and DTC clients.

At OMM, we are experts in both integrated marketing and strategic marketing. This is why we are equally fluent in balance sheets and pop culture. We speak hip-hop, TikTok, SEO, and GIF. Our hustle-and-flow can build traffic to and from any niche audience or demographic. We help clients connect with relevant audience segments and communities they didn’t even know existed.

Besides being a digital agency that offers social media management services, OMM makes ways and memes algorithms n’ harmonies that realize our strategies as growth opportunities. We are quantum marketers highly respected for our outstanding marketing concepts. We bake marketing communication pies in a macro kitchen, strategically flavored and sliced into tactics designed to satisfy our bottom line and customer appetites.

We are currently seeking clients that need help with marketing strategy, growth, and increased engagement. Aside from offering exceptional digital marketing services, we are a top digital agency with experience across the board with premiere brands. We are passionate about growing brands on a national and international scale. If you own or lead a business and are seeking an ally, resource, and support in growing your business.

OMM Experience

  • 26 Yrs Brand Marketing
  • 14 Yrs Digital

What We Do

Strategy Development

ONE MEDIA MARKETING will help you develop an excellent business strategy to guide your brand across the divide between what it’s been, and what it must become to survive and prosper. By leveraging our business strategy, you can upside change in order to navigate the haze of the new normal and the ever-changing needs of your customers.


From website development to custom digital design and branding to activations, ONE MEDIA MARKETING has created memorable experiences that amplify brands; build meaningful relationships with customers, and generate revenue. As a web design Company, we have the ideal website design concept for you.

Cultural Marketing

Through our digital marketing services, we’ll combine integrated marketing and strategic marketing to create an invaluable marketing concept for your brand. Whether you are interested in social media management or web design, we specialize in creative, cultural programming, and are experts in reaching, engaging and converting multicultural and niche audiences with authentic and relevant marketing activations that deliver results.


Strategic Marketing & Planning

Social Media Marketing

Brand Activation

Content Marketing

Advisory Services

Website & Digital Design


Strategic Marketing & Planning

Through strategic marketing and integrated marketing, we develop custom strategies and designed to accomplish our clients’ specific goals:

  • Brand & Marketing Audits
  • Target Audience Research
  • Brand and Business Strategy Development
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Go-To-Market Planning
  • Objective Setting
  • Establishing Metrics & KPIs
  • Custom Marketing Solutions
  • Campaign Development
  • Tactical Plan Development
  • Marketing Playbook Development

21 Day Story

  • Facilitate Virtual Collaboration for Unlimited Users Globally
  • Scale Strategy Development Across Multiple Teams, Stakeholders & Clients
  • Access Responses Data in Real-Time
  • Empower Participants to Co-Create the Most Effective Solutions
  • Increase Business Agility

Advisory Services

  • Strategic Advisors
  • Brand Positioning
  • Business Model Development
  • Assessment & Optimization
  • Monetization Concepts

Social Media Marketing

  • Content Strategy & Curation
  • Account Set-Up
  • Profile Optimization
  • Daily Monitoring & Listening
  • Discussion Moderation
  • Community Management
  • Editorial Schedule Creation
  • Original Content Creation
  • Daily Content Publishing
  • Follower Growth
  • Paid Social Ads
  • Analytics & Reporting

Content Marketing

  • Content Strategy & Creative Direction
  • Key Messaging Development
  • Ghost Blogging
  • SEO Optimized Blog Posts

Digital Design & Development

  • Website Design
  • App Development
  • Game Development
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Logo Design
  • Branded Content
  • Art Direction
  • Creative Consultation


“ONE MEDIA MARKETING is my “go to” for marketing strategy and all advertising needs. We’ve worked on the design of my new logo. website, and blog. I appreciate being able to have a direct conversation with the CEO and seeing strategies come to fruition. Greater than that, is the ROI I also experience for my business. ONE MEDIA’s stays abreast on current trends. Additionally I can always count on them for something dynamic for my business.”
CEO, Dee Thomas Agency

“ONE MEDIA MARKETING’s work is outstanding. For many years they have advised me on marketing and promotional activities which have helped me be more effective in the non-profit arena.”
Executive Director, Los Angeles United Methodist Urban Foundation

“ONE MEDIA MARKETING is ridiculously creative and flawless on the execution. I had the pleasure of benefiting from their efforts while leading a marketing team at GM. ONE MEDIA brought ideas to the table that we had not conceived and delivered on time and on budget.”
Marketing Director, General Motors

“They are marketing and brand specialists who thinks ahead of the curve. His ability to produce great results in a short time frame attest to their superior skills and years of experience. I highly recommend ONE MEDIA MARKETING.”
Writer, NBC ‘Heroes’

ONE MEDIA MARKETING is my go-to for marketing and public relations strategy. With more than a dozen collaborations and campaigns executed over the past twenty years together, I start with ONE MEDIA MARKETING when I want to think about optimizing a product, service, or campaign. He always brings creativity and innovative ideas to the table–and generates ideas that I know will have impact. I trust ONE MEDIA MARKETING ‘s judgement and ideas about brand building, particularly when it comes to niche audiences and consumer groups. He understands, and is typically ahead of the curve or trend, and I’ve seen him put his client’s brand at the front of the pack when it comes to being in the right places at the right moment. I recommend ONE MEDIA MARKETING without hesitation.”
Associate Professor, UCLA; CEO, Crosswalk Productions; Associate Director, Carol H. Williams Advertising; Senior Corporate Relations Manager, Sprint

“ONE MEDIA MARKETING was instrumental in helping me in my role as HP’s Director of Multicultural Marketing. HP’s goal was to be the #1 technology provider to the target market of consumers who were people of color to not only sell products & services but also to make a positive contribution to the urban communities across the nation by exposing them to the benefits of technology. In order to do so, we reached out to ONE MEDIA given their reputation for designing marketing campaigns that created brand awareness and affinity…they are creative, innovative, well-connected, highly respected in the urban markets, and an excellent business partner. I look forward to working with ONE MEDIA MARKETING on future endeavours.”
Director of Multicultural Marketing, Hewlett-Packard,

“They are excellent strategists with an excellent ability to think outside the box when it comes to marketing brands. ONE MEDIA not only sees the importance of a 360 approach to marketing…they can implement it! I highly recommend ONE MEDIA MARKETING.”
Non-Profit & Media Professional

“ONE MEDIA MARKETING is a highly innovative and strategic marketing agency. I worked with them on a specific film project and they was very knowledgeable, resourceful and thought outside of the box and delivered new approaches to get the job done. They were pro-active, quick to respond and had strong connections. ONE MEDIA MARKETING was a pleasure to work with and I would hire them again given the right opportunity.”
Senior Vice President Worldwide Marketing Partnerships & Alliances, Warner Bros. Pictures

“ONE MEDIA MARKETING is great to work with. We were working with a new, unique project, operating in an entirely unfamiliar market, and using tools that none of our team had expertise in. they were patient with our lack of expertise, providing great direction when we requested it, and delivered all their work in a very professional, strategic way.

As for ONE MEDIA’s web design work, they delivered a great looking website, with easy navigation, clean graphic design, and the look was very appropriate for our customer base…ONE MEDIA was actively involved in updating our website, providing new features, and was always eager to answer questions or make changes at our request…We would highly recommend ONE MEDIA MARKETING for any web or social media marketing opportunities….They understand social media. They have worked with a diverse group of clients, and are excellent at identifying what the target market wants, and developing the tools to deliver those need…They are a pleasure to work with. I am looking forward to the next time I can solicit their work.”

People Support Culture & Development, Sizzler USA

“I roped in ONE MEDIA MARKETING to help craft a marketing strategy for my startup and am in awe of their professionalism, quick turnaround time with recommendations and the way they goes deep in strategy and research to ensure that I put my best foot forward when it comes to Launch time. ONE MEDIA took my idea and expanded it beyond my marketing expectations and now my startup is equipped to leap to another level.”
Startup Founder

Client History

We have a robust history of clients that we have worked with and love to work with us. Here is a list of some of our clients: